AEC v1.0.4
If you are already booked – here is some information to make your trip to the Brewhouse Music & Grill  a little easier and hopefully enjoyable. For booking please contact No need in trying to connect with Jay by phone at the Brew. He only books thru email. We get hundreds of emails a week so stay persistent. For PRODUCTION info please call Doug Kelley at 706 767 4545. Do not email Doug about booking. He will just direct you back to the email. Once again – do NOT call Doug about booking your band.   The Brewhouse is not only Romes largest music venue but it is also a full scale restaurant. This means that we have paying and loyal customers every day enjoying a dining experience. Some enjoy the music but some only enjoy the food. Please be courteous to those that do not care to hear a loud sound check taking place during their family dinner at 7pm.   We ask that bands be loaded in and sound checked before 6pm or after 8:30pm. Please plan your day accordingly.